CheckMark Labrecruitment terminates all her activities in Serbia

With deepest regret we must inform you that CheckMark Labrecruitment has decided to terminate all her activities in Serbia with immediate effect. This includes the activities of the CheckMark Ger van Meel Foundation.

The reason for this decision is purely based on the new legislation regarding work permits in the Netherlands that has been enforced since January 1st 2014 by the Dutch government. Since 2007 CheckMark has hired many young talented Serbian Chemistry and Life Sciences graduates on 3-year  work permits for her 3-year trainee program: the Analyst Development Program.**

In short the new legislation stipulates that a non EU resident can only get a work permit for no longer than 12 months (this used to be 3 years).  These work permits cannot be extended. Companies can apply for a new 12 months work permit but only when they go through the same lengthy procedure of at least 3 months. Furthermore the new law stated that, instead of 3 years, non EU employees must now work for 5 years in The Netherlands before they no longer require a work permit.

Throughout the last years the Dutch government has kept increasing the criteria for granting work permits making it each year harder to obtain these. With the new Dutch laws on this subject it is virtually impossible to hire non EU residents for long-term employments  in the Netherlands through a work permits.

We regret that we are now forced to terminate our long lasting collaboration in Serbia. We are grateful for all the support we have been given by many close contacts in- and outside Serbia. We would like to thank everyone involved in our activities and wish you all the best. 

** The Duch law provides another way to hire highly qualified non EU residents: the so called ‘knowledge migrant status’.  This is however only available for very experienced higher educated employees and not for young graduated students without extensive work experience. These can only be hires with a work permit.